Why Are Car Sunshades Necessary?
August 02, 2021
Why Are Car Sunshades Necessary?

1. Protection from the heat

We might have experienced the roasting car interior after the sun has beaten down on it for several hours. According to studies, the temperature inside the car could hit an average of 116 °F (47 ℃), if a car stays in a sunny location on a day that reaches 95 °F (35 ℃) or hotter. The high interior temperature causes discomfort for the driver and could sometimes be dangerous for people sitting in the car.
Car sunshades can help lower the car interior temperature and mitigate the discomfort that the high in-car temperature causes. The lower in-car temperature also helps save fuel consumption caused by AC usage.

2. Protect the car interior

Continuous exposure to sunlight can cause a car’s upholstery, dashboard, and steering wheel to fade to a dull and unsightly look. The cause of such damage is UV rays from the sun.
Car sunshades help block UV rays from sunlight and protect a car’s interior decor.

3. Protect Electronic Devices

A GPS device, a DVD player, an in-car entertainment system, and a tablet inside the car? These electronic devices have standard operating temperatures(Source). The high in-car temperature caused by sunlight exposure can damage these electronic devices and cause malfunction.
Car sunshades block out the sun’s UV rays and heat and defend these devices from heat and UV rays damage.

4. Protect Privacy and Belongings

We might get an uncomfortable feeling when someone looks into our cars. Besides, when parking our cars at the roadside, we might worry that an opportunistic thief could snatch our belongings left in the car.
Car sunshades darken the car windows and give these windows a tinting effect and render privacy and security to a car.

5. Protect children and pets

When taking a car ride with children and furry little ones on a sunny day, parents and pet owners must be aware of the in-car temperature and keep their little loved ones from exposure to the sun’s heat and UV rays.
Car sunshades protect babies, children, and pets from the sun’s heat and harmful UV rays and ensure the car’s interior temperature is comfortable for a joyful ride. They also provide a protective mechanism when the windows are open during the ride.

6. Protect against insects

Sometimes we want to enjoy some fresh air during a car journey but worry that uninvited mosquitoes, flies, bees, and other bugs will join the ride. Car sunshades also function as insect screens and windbreaks. As a result, passengers can sit comfortably inside the car, windows opened and bugs-free, while enjoying the fresh air from the outside.