How Do You Pick A Car Sunshade ?
January 01, 1970
How Do You Pick A Car Sunshade ?

Are Car Sunshades Legal?

Before you look for a car sunshade, the question you have to think about first is whether car sunshades are legal in your country. The answer is - It depends. It depends on the country you are using the car, and it also depends on which car window the shade is on. Some countries, such as Kuwait, Pakistan, and Portugal, have a total tint ban, while some countries, such as China, Mongolia, Morocco, and Romania, do not clearly regulate the use. In many EU countries, 100% black tinted rear windows are allowed, while no tint on the front windows or front side windows is permitted in Italy, France, and Spain. Therefore, before you buy a car sunshade, you need to check the local car sunshade regulation.

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Which Car Sunshades Are Available?

Currently, car sunshades for windshields, side windows, rear vents, rear quarters, rear windows, and sunroofs are available on the market.

What Are Benefits You Expect from A Car Sunshade?

When you shop for a car sunshade, the first thing is to check which benefits you expect from using car sunshades. The main advantages of car sunshades include:

  • Provide UV Protection - UV rays from the sunlight can slowly damage the car interior, electronic devices, and even the skin health of passengers inside the car. Car sunshades screen out the sun’s UV rays and protect passengers and objects inside the car.
  • Cool The Car Interior - Car sunshades keep the car interior cool and the passengers comfortable.
  • Keep Snooping Away - Car sunshades tint car windows to protect privacy and belongings inside the car, yet they do not completely block the light. The degree of window tinting should follow the local regulation. Save Fuels. Good car sunshades effectively block out the sun heat. Consequently, the AC inside the car works more efficiently.
  • No Buggy Bugs - Car sunshades could function as insect or fly screens and keep bugs out when the driver and passengers keep the car windows open.
  • Breathable - Good car sunshades should provide the above benefits while allowing the air to flow into and out of the car.

How to Buy A Good Quality Car Sunshade?

When choosing a car sunshade, you need to consider several factors besides the sunshade’s functionality. Here are 3 factors:

  1. The material would be an important concern to the sunshade user. The material should be heat-resistant and give UV protection. The commonly seen materials for detachable or retractable sunshades are aluminum, Mylar, nylon, polyester, and PVC. Nylon and polyester are considered top options because they are light and more durable.
  2. Car sunshade’s make would be the second. Several structures are available on the market: custom-fit and collapsible, custom-fit and roll-up, accordion, and universal roll-up. Which make is the best fit for your car windows? You'll need to consider your budget, whether it is easy to install, whether it is easy to store, and whether it covers the window well to block out the sunlight.
  3. Ease of installation is also a consideration. While having a sunshade with maximum sun and UV protection is essential, you also need to consider whether you can install it with less hassle, and equally important, whether it is easy to store after use.